Public Speaking

Why use a public speaker at your meeting, conference or break-away?

Entertainment Value

Having your delegates focus on a public speaker allows them to learn something new and have a few laughs together.

Improve Participation

Rinus is engaging and gets people talking in a relaxed atmosphere.

End on a high

Keynote addresses need not always be at the beginning of  a conference.  Having an engaging and humorous session at the end of your program will leave your delegates wanting more.

Personal growth

All sessions deliver value.  My intent is to have delegates leave with a sense of awareness of the self and how to become a more fulfilled.  This results in more motivated and driven individuals.


  • Personal Greatness
    When you choose to live your personal greatness, the universe will realign to create a miracle.
  • Missing Pages from Life’s Manual
    If you can witness an ordinary event and learn from it a life-changing lesson, you have learned to experience the wonder of living.
  • Larger than Life
    Your life is larger than you can ever imagine.
  • From Successful to Meaningful
    All of us are affected by life. Some of us choose to affect life.
  • Step-Up
    This is the tipping point; you can either sit back and slip into your darkness or Step Up into your light.
  • Woman Power
    The world needs more Oestrogen than Testosterone.
  • Secrets for Successful Students
    If I knew then what I know now … So know it now!
  • Passport to the Future – Latest
    Our best chance to own our future opportunities is to go within.
  • Life has no meaning… until you create it – Latest
    The more we can free ourselves from prejudice and ignorance, the more authentic and meaningful we will become.

All the talks are filled with great life lessons, wonderful energy and loads of humour and interaction.